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The evaluation mode

If you experience any of the following:

  • Rummi makes you wait before you can play
  • You'll see a window with a purchase link
  • The games, tables or players you create are not saved
  • Your scores are lost each time you start Rummi
  • You cannot play at private online tables

then Rummi is in evaluation mode (trial mode).

Rummi is not free software. Before you decide to buy a license, you can try the software for free. However, this comes with some limitations.

To remove these limitations, you have to buy a Rummi license.

But I already have purchased Rummi!

If you have purchased Rummi, then you have to enter your license code into the software, so that it knows that you actually did. When you purchased Rummi, you received an e-mail with detailed instructions how use your license code to activate the full version of Rummi.

In case you lost or forgot your license code, we can find it back for you.

Note that even if you installed Rummi from the CD, you still have to enter your license code into the software.

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