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Rummikub® and Rummi, the download computer game

Rummikub® is the brand name of a set of plastic tiles with numbers 1 to 13 in four different colors. These tiles are often used to play certain games of the Rummy family. These games are played with two to four players, often around the kitchen table.

Rummi is the name of a game software download. You can play a wide variety of games of the Rummy family, including those that people generally play with Rummikub® tiles. You can play solo against the computer, or together with other people.

The Rummi software runs on Windows, Macintosh and Linux (like Ubuntu). You can download Rummi from this site.

Cards and tiles

Rummy games are very popular all over the world, and are played with ordinary playing cards, or sometimes with custom made card decks. In Eastern Europe and in the Middle East, similar games are traditionally played with wooden tiles with colored numbers.

Nowadays it has become popular to play Rummy type games with plastic tiles that are sold in toy shops and department stores, by trade names like Rummikub or Rummy-O.

The Rummi software download also includes various card and tile sets. You play your games with any of the included sets, or with additional sets that you can download from this website.

A "game of Rummikub"

The game rules included in the Rummikub box are those of Manipulation Rummy, where you can manipulate tiles that were played earlier. But each release of the game seems to include a slightly different variation of the rules. In reality, the game is played in many, sometimes home made, variations of the rules.

See the overview of Rummikub game rules.

Instead of "Manipulation Rummy" or "Tile Rummy", the game that is played with Rummikub® tiles is sometimes (incorrectly) referred to as "a game of Rummikub".

With Rummi, you can play a wide variety of these games. You can play against the computer, or with other people, online over the internet. It has many game rule options, include some original ones, that you can combine to create your own games.

Rummi is not related to Rummikub®.

A sample game of Tile Rummy (like Rummikub), with four players. The player is adding his green 9 and 10 to an existing meld on the table.

Rummi computer game

  • Play games like Rummikub®
  • Play solo against the computer
  • Play multiplayer games with other people
  • Get together with with friends or relatives
  • Meet other Rummikub fans and make new friends

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