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Become a translator

Contribute to Rummi! Become a translator and translate Rummi into your own language.

As long as you keep your translation up to date, you will receive credits that will become Rummi VIP points. If you translate parts of the website as well as Rummi, you'll get a bigger reward.

At the start of your translation, you will get 4 VIP points and a Rummi VIP badge for one year.

If you need a Rummi license, you can get one for free, for borrowed VIP points (meaning that you temporarily will have a negative number of VIP points).

All translations are done online on this site, using web forms. If you would like to become a translator, and if you agree to the terms below, then let us know. You should at least tell us the name of your language in English, including any country if you will translate into a country specific variation (e.g. "Brazilian Portuguese").

Translator terms

  1. Obviously, you must provide correct translations, in correct spelling. You must correct any errors that come to your knowledge as quickly as possible.
  2. You agree that all rights of your work are transferred automatically to YPR Software B.V., the company behind Rummi. We may publish your work in any way, either separately or bundled with other work.
  3. If you wish, you can get credit for your translation by translating the credit string.
  4. In case there is more than one translator for your language, each file you have translated remains assiged to you as long as you keep it up to date. You cannot change a translation that is assigned to another translator.
  5. Each translator gets credit, and is rewarded, for the translations that he or she did.
  6. You must at least supply a translation for the Rummi software itself. Translating parts or whole of the web site is optional.
  7. If you do not supply an initial complete translation for Rummi within a reasonable amount of time, you will be removed as a translator. In that case you will also lose the VIP points assigned to you for becoming a translator. If you were given a free license, that license is invalidated.
  8. These terms may change without prior notice. The latest version of these terms is always available on the web site.
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