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Example: Valid melds

The following examples illustrate how you can play valid melds.

Example 1:

Suppose your hand contains the following cards:


Then you could play a meld 4567 (a run).

Or, you could play a meld 567 (a run) and a meld 444 (a set), thereby getting rid of more of your cards.

Remember that you cannot form a set of 444 , because you cannot have two cards of the same color (or suit) in a set.

Neither can you form a run of 45 , because a meld must contain at least three cards.

It is allowed to add your cards to existing melds already on the table, as the following examples illustrate.

Example 2:

Suppose the table contains the following melds:


And your hand contains: 34 .

Then you could either add your 4 to the set of 4's: 4444 , or you could play both your cards to the black run: 34567 .

Example 3:

Now suppose the table contains the following meld:


And your hand contains: 7 .

Then you can play your card to this group, so it will split in two:

567   789
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